Keyvan was fond of sketching starting at a young age. As a teenager he attended the workshop of Marco Gregorian for two years and while attending the Faculty of Architecture at Tehran University he followed his professor Houshang Seyhoun sketching while travelling throughout Iran.

During his post graduate studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris he continued to sketch monuments, buildings, people in cafes, theatres, fashion shows and discotheques. In Iran, an exhibition of drawings and sketches depicting Persian landscapes was presented in an innovative street exhibition organized as part of an historic preservation effort to prevent the demolition of a historic district of Tehran known as Oudlajan.

Drawing remains a means of expressing himself and he continues to draw when travelling in Europe and around the world. Post cards of his Persian sketches were donated to an NGO, “Society for protecting the right of the child,” to help save and support the street children of Iran.